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 My Lego journey began very early on in life, with a classified ad in the local newspaper for 10,000 Lego bricks! At the time my parents were one of four owners of a business and each family decided that they would buy into the deal. As the story goes, my mom and the wife of another one of the business owners separated the Lego one cup at a time, And that started our family Lego collection.


I continued to add small sets over the next few years and spent countless hours building and  imagining with the collection of bricks that we had. When I was turning 10, my parents had to  make a tough decision. Was I at the age where I would prefer a Nintendo System or was LEGO still the way to go? They made the right choice and that year they bought me a LEGO 9V Train. Here’s why it was the right choice. If they had gone with the Nintendo System, it would currently be in one of three places, in a closet collecting dust, sold to someone else at a Years sale, or in the landfill. Where is my LEGO train? Well, over the years it has been a passenger train, a freight train, a roller coaster, and a space transportation system! When I built a LEGO table a couple of years ago, it was the first set that I reassembled to place on that table...22 years later. It fits with every piece LEGO has made and every piece they currently make!


Today I have my childhood LEGO at my house and have added much more. It is my primary hobby and a hobby that increases my creativity and is more of an “investment” as many of the sets I build and collect are gaining value, unlike other hobbies where the money just disappears or takes decades to see any value return. 


It’s fun to see my little Liam, now 2 and a half, play with the bricks and drive the cars and trucks around. He destroys more than he builds, but I know his skills will grow and look forward to seeing how he uses all the creativity he has inside of him. 

As an adult, I worked in the area of Personal Growth and Leadership seminars to help create growth and change inside organizations. After several years of this work I thought " there must be a way to connect this type of work with the LEGO® Brick"...turns out that LEGO® had thought that same thing years earlier when they created LEGO® SeriousPLAY®


I have since become a certified LEGO® SeriousPLAY® facilitator and developed some of the programs you'll see on this website based on those principles. 

That’s my LEGO story and my love for the brick and my hope is that we get a chance to play together and learn together soon!




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