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Where lego® connections
are just the beginning

are you ready for a date night like no other?

This night is not just about building with LEGO®. It is about building your relationship with the one you love.

BLOCK Party has created this evening designed for fun, creativity, and connection for couples of all ages using the LEGO® SeriousPLAY® methods and methodology. These methods have been used for training teams around the world including Fortune 500 companies and has been adapted for this workshop for one of the most important teams of all...a committed couple.

Throughout this fun evening, you will be led through opportunities to build your answers to questions that are posed by the facilitator. By building your answers, you will create greater insights and a deeper connection with your partner.

No LEGO® building experience is necessary and you will be given all the tools needed for an amazing date night experience...including delicious cakes, desserts, and coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience with LEGO® to participate?

We love this question! The answer is no! Whether you've never put two bricks together or you're an avid LEGO® user, you will fit right in at BLOCK Party Date Night. Our facilitator is also happy to assist if you have questions about how certain bricks go together.

Are we just building LEGO sets? I don’t understand!

We know! It’s hard to explain, but no, you are not building LEGO sets. This night is about being asked questions about your dreams and desires in your relationship. You will then BUILD the answers to these questions out of LEGO instead of just using words. Why build them out of LEGO? Read this to discover the answer to that question: 


Can we bring our kids?

While LEGO is kid friendly, this date night is just for you and your partner. Having to stop and help kiddos or look after them would interrupt the natural communication and building that you are there to discover. 

How long is it? 

Date night runs 7:30-10 pm. We encourage you to arrive prior to 7:15 so that you can grab a snack and a coffee and get settled in before we start. 

What should I bring?

No need to bring anything to date night (other than your partner of course). We will take care of the rest. 


BLOCK PARTY was developed by a LEGO® lover who started with LEGO® at a young age. As an adult, Jonathan worked in the arena of Personal Growth and Leadership Workshops helping to generate change within organizations using innovative methods.  It was then he realized there must be a way to combine this type of training with the LEGO® Brick.  Read More...

Bringing BLOCK PARTY to the Kitchener/Waterloo Region is fun for everyone involved. 









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