From the Beginning

Hello! And welcome to the BLOCK Party Blog! My name is Jonathan Bosman and I’ve played with LEGO for as long as I can remember! But, just like many kids and their childhood toys, the LEGO boxes were packed away as I grew up and weren’t thought about much through my teenage and young adult years.

I married my beautiful wife Sydney a little over 5 years ago, bought a house, and during our first Christmas together I purchased the first large LEGO set I had bought in years. This re-ignited the joy of LEGO for me and this one building quickly turned into a city!

My LEGO city wasn’t the only thing that grew...little Liam was added to our family in 2015 and beautiful Halle in 2017.

Outside of time with family and my love of LEGO, you can find me in the garage, back in the trees making trails or chopping wood.

In 2018, I mentioned to Sydney this idea that I had been having. What if I would bring my love of LEGO to kids in the form of birthday parties? She fostered my crazy idea and said “do it!” So I set a goal that by Friday, May 25 at 10pm I would have my website designed and advertised to the public. At 9:55pm on May 25 I made my first Facebook post and was booking my first two parties that night!

It’s been all up hill from there, with parties and partnerships happening around the region.

I certainly appreciate you following along on this ride. If you haven’t had a BLOCK Party yet, I hope to see you soon. If you have had a BLOCK Party, I look forward to seeing you again!

You can read a little more about my story at

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