What Makes a BLOCK Party Birthday AWESOME!

So, you are probably here because someone has told you about these awesome LEGO® birthday parties or your child has come home from a birthday yelling "I want a BLOCK Party too!!", right?

Either way, this post is for you.

Here are the Top 5 Awesome Things at a BLOCK Party Birthday!

1. The Race Car Ramp

The hit of every party! Whether you build you car for speed or for style, the Race Car Ramp is where it is put to the test. Line up your car against your friends, drop the lever and see what happens!

Will is be the fastest of the bunch, will it stay in one piece, or will your creation smash across the floor? You never know what’s going to happen, but there’s sure to be laughs, cheers, and smiles no matter the result!

2. The LEGO® Roller Coaster!

At every party I get asked 2 questions:

#1 Did you design that yourself?? No. I’d love to take credit but this is a LEGO designed set released last year. At 4,121 pieces it is the 8th largest set that LEGO has ever released!

#2 How long did it take you to put together? This set comes with 2 very large instruction books and nearly 300 steps to complete. I generally build my sets gradually over different evenings and it was about 3 weeks before I was complete. I’ve heard that some have built it in a 13 hour sitting!

The LEGO Roller Coaster has a motor attached to it so the the 2 trains continuously run on their own. Your party goers will love to watch, cheer, and play along with the little LEGO people as they travel on this epic ride!

3. The Building Table This table holds bricks that have endless possibilities. Destined to create tall towers, fast cars, unsinkable ships, secret rooms, and so much more!

Small enough to fit in tight spaces, but large enough to hold the big, creative dreams the your party goers can imagine. And as you scroll through BLOCK Party pictures on Facebook you’ll see that it’s small enough for kids and big enough for dads!

4. The City Street!

The City Street is made up of 4 separate buildings. Three of them are sets that LEGO designed (The Palace Cinema, Detective’s Office, and Brick Bank) and the Pizza Shop is a custom design by Jonathan.

In total, there are approximately 8,000 LEGO pieces used in this creation!

With the help of an adult, each level can come apart showing fun scenes of LEGO city dwellers living their life on the inside of the building.

When the City Street shows up at your BLOCK Party, make sure to ask about some of the sneaky parts of the city, like money laundering (through the laundromat) and cookie smuggling!

We hope this display sparks wonder, amazement, and creativity for all you party-goers.

5. What would a BLOCK Party be without...the KIDS!

Girls, boys, young, old, shy or loud. Each one brings their own energy and their own sense of adventure to the event.

Whether your the excited, cheering fan at the Race Car Ramp, the quite builder sitting beside the spinning Carousel, or the one looking for answers of how this piece connects to this one...you are always welcome to Have A BLOCK Party with us!

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